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Therapy Works provides a variety of workplace injury-prevention and ergonomics services. Our professionally trained Occupational Therapist based in Clarenville and Bonavista is registered and in good standing with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) and holds a valid licence to practice with the Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Therapy Board (NLOTB).

Our Occupational Therapy services include:

Functional Assessment (or Functional Capacity Evaluation): A functional assessment uses a medical instrument to objectively identify physical capacities in a variety of functional areas.

Workstation Reviews: A workstation review is used to ensure proper ergonomics and body mechanics and to decrease the likelihood of injury or harm as a result of carrying out job demands.

Clinic-Based Occupational Rehabilitation: A clinic-based Occupational Rehabilitation Program (CBOR) is an intensive intervention program specifically designed to address an injured worker’s physical capacity and function as it is related to his or her job demands.

Home Exercise Program: Developing a home exercise program is often recommended as part of an individual’s rehabilitation. Therapy Works offers dynamic Home Exercise Program development through a multidisciplinary approach.

Worksite Occupational Rehabilitation / Ease Back: Occupational Therapists can provide services to people who have been away from the workplace due to injury or illness and allow them to experience a safe and successful transition upon returning to their pre-injury job duties.

Ergonomic Training: We can provide on-site ergonomics training to teach employees the principles of proper body mechanics which apply to their job tasks.

Post-Offer Employment Testing: Employment testing helps employers establish a baseline for their employees’ physical functioning. These assessments can help decrease workplace accidents by ensuring that new employees can physically complete their job.

Workplace Safety Audit: A workplace audit is designed to decrease workplace accidents and lost workdays due to injury. It is essential to the bottom line of any business.

Job Site Analysis: A job site analysis is an objective evaluation of a job’s tasks which identifies postures, movements, forces, repetitions, loads and other physical demands of each specific job task.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP): This program is a 10-week intervention program that aims to reduce psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress, promote re-integration into life role activities, increase quality of life and facilitate return to work.

Home Assessment: Our Occupational Therapist is specifically trained to evaluate home environments and make recommendations to reduce disability, promote independence and increase quality of life.

Universal Design: Universal design is a way to create products and environments that are accessible to persons of any age or ability. Our Occupational Therapist can provide expertise when re-designing public and private buildings with a diverse group of users.

Baseline Assessment: A baseline assessment uses a medical instrument to objectively identify an individual’s capacity in a variety of functional areas. An Occupational Therapist will help determine safe capabilities for activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.

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